Professional Feedback on your Ideas for Free

So you have an idea for your small business, but you cant afford to buy the necessary professional services to make it happen. now makes it all possible.

All thats required is for a designer or business owner to load a visual concept onto the Concept Feedback website and guaranteed within minutes one of the hundreds of viewers will provide valuable feedback. Concepts are rated on a simple 5 point scale for ORIGINALITY, DESIGN, PURPOSE and ENGAGEMENT and then very importantly reviewers write a small feedback review.  Why does this feedback market work? Because reviewers earn reputation points when they review a concept or their reviews get voted on positively by the feedback community. This is a big win for the small time designer and freelancer and even more for the design buyer (small business owner).

A few weeks ago I loaded an idea for a business card, the idea was unanimously shot down, while I was pained to realise my idea was no good I was pleased I had not wasted resources executing a poor idea. Anyhow a few weeks later I was inspired my another Concept Feedback member to do a 2.0 version of my business card, this time the reviews were glowing. Take a look at my “Concept Feedback-Approved” business card, it’s made by re-using the packaging of brands I have worked with (images are front and reverse).