Ideas while you Sleep, a cool new service

Being in the ideas biz myself I am always pleased to see how people find new business models for selling ideas. The new service by Ideas Culture called Ideas While You Sleep is NEAR PERFECT (thanks Springwise).

A client sends them a challenge by 4 pm client’s time and a group of brainstormers all over the world will work on the challenge using Ideas Culture’s creativity tools (very smart) and by 8am the next morning the client will have a mountain of ideas.This all for a promotional price of AUD495 (UP AUD880).

You gotta love this idea. It’s a bit of a WHY NOT for business, outsource your problem for a few hundred dollars and who knows you may land that one cracking idea you’ve been waiting for! So I really digg this BUT… I can’t help but think this could be beegger and better.

I have to ask, what is Ideas Culture’s objective? To get rich? To be famous? Or to make the world a more creative place?

I checked out the IWYS (Ideas While You Sleep) service and contemplated becoming an Ideas Agent at AUD25 a pop. Then I thought about it a bit more. There are enough crazies such as myself who would do this stuff for free. Why did IWYS not go for this option? It makes me think of the true blue crowdsourcing model of ( my post ) where both concept posters and concept reviewers receive no cash just fame (and reputation points) through their amazing work or feedback.

The conceptfeedback model ensures you get significant feedback within about 6 hours (beating the while you sleep promise of IWYS), reviewers rush to post feedback in their race to earn points.  The real challenge for IWYS is when someone takes their idea and makes is fully crowdsourced and free to challenge owners. Time will tell.