Innovation happens when Assumptions are dropped

One simple model for discovering new product and service opportunities is the SYSTEMATIC INVENTIVE THINKING SYSTEM used by the likes of J&J. The model asks ideators to suspend judgement for a moment and imagine what new product or service will emerge if they drop assumptions about what features and benefit their product should have. They are able to ideate and start fresh by..
Subtracting or removing a key feature or benefit
Adding a feature or benefit
Reduce or

At Invitro we use this method as one of the many techniques for discovering innovations. We use this simple card to provoke ideators imagination.

Just think fot he following examples which could have been as a result of  SUBTRACTING a feature / benefit:

An ATM took away the bank clerk, added 24/7 servicing
An exercise bike took away motion or the rear wheel
A packet of soup took away the water.

These may all seem like rather obvious ideas, but imagine if provoked to remove the driver in a taxi service, or the furniture in a hotel room, what might result?

 One category that has been in the doldrums for sometime is the Fitness industry, Gym memberships have been on the decline for some years. But Gym’s have lacked an innovative response to the highly competitive nature of the market. My own exasperation with the industry prompted me to consider an alternative role for Gym’s, that of a Gym which takes responsibility for the goal meeting of its members. With pricing fluctuating depending on the exerciser’s ability to meet goals set. See my IdeaAunty post.

Thankfully a gym in Australia has seen the light and launched a whole new gym concept, by first dumping generally accepted assumptions of what a gym should look ike, what services it should offer and when its services shoulde be made available. The new Gym group is called Jetts Fitness and already has 35 gyms across Australia.

Aiming to set itself apart from all of the other gyms and health clubs, Jetts Gym offers cheaper memberships by cutting costs and shirking little-used or unnecessary services. Gyms are located within suburban neighbourhoods (where rents are also cheaper), they encourage members to shower at home rather than having exensive showering facilities. They have few staff and with a good security system this allow members to gain access to their fitness centres 24/7 without having staff on duty.

Jetts REDUCED – Staff on duty and space allocated to non-fitness activities
Jetts ELIMINATED – exercise classes which research shows are only utlised by 10% of members
Jetts INCREASED – hours of operation to 24/7
Jetts INVENTED membership secure access to the fitness club to allow members to train without staff on duty.

And with membership fees around 50% that of a regular gym, Jetts looks set to upset the Fitness Centre establishment.