6 free (or inexpensive) Innovation resources

Places of Inspiration – While the net can be an infinite pool of inspiration, here are some “designed to inspire”  and innovation management resources that I have found useful.

1) Idea a Day
A place where people with random ideas about anything post their ideas. The first batch of ideas were published in a book by David Owen called the Big Idea Book. Followers can subscribe to a daily idea-a-day mail and offer ideas on the web-site.

2) PSFKSpringwise /
PSFK and Springwise are in similiar businesses, they scout the world for new and interesting ideas in a multitude of categories and share these with their user base. Simply sign up to their weekly newsletter to learn more. In fact I believe I discovered many of the innovation ideas listed here on either one of their weekly newsletters.

My only wish is that they would allow me to cache the ideas I find inspirational, in the same way Youtube allows you to put videos in your favourites or on a playlist. This would make it easy for the reader to sort ideas according to a personal meaning or inspiration rather than according to the publishers system.

When You Want Ideas
3) Ideas While You Sleep (paid for ideas to your problem)

Ideas Culture have a community of ideators who can be marshalled at a moments notice. Problem owners sign up for ideas over night and for AUD880 a whole bunch of people will crack their brains for solutions which will arrive in your inbox the following day!

When You want feedback on your ideas
4) Conceptfeedback.com (free professional feedback on your ideas)
Originators of web-sites, brand logos, and other communiation materials can post their ideas online and have a group of professionals post feedback on the ideas. All for free.  I have both posted ideas and received feedback and provided feedback on other people’s ideas. This crowdsourced feedback really works!

Innovation Collaboration Tools
5) Novitate (free Innovation management tool)
Innovation almost always involves multiple stakeholders. Novitate helps the group keep track of ideas and improvements, and all of this is done online.

6) Nosco
One or the great challenges after having an idea is to know which truly have promise. This can be a rather subjective exercise. One company has introduced a rather innovative solution called the Nosco IdeaExchange. How it works is, company employees can load up ideas onto an internal idea intranet, then fellow employees show support for an idea by buying shares in the idea. Ideas with potential rise in value, poor ideas go nowhere. The software called Nosco not only involves all staff in innovation, they are both creators and evaluators of innovation. Brilliant idea!

Please let me know if you have found a free or very cheap “designed to inspire” or innovation management resource.