Is Logic a Commodity?

I was always rather pleased with the Business Education I received from the University of Natal. Not the most famous of prestigious business school but a respectable one.

So what did I learn?

I learnt to think. To look at data and facts and understand what they are saying, to sythesize lots of different inputs to help understand the bigger picture. And hopefully to diagnose problems and opportunities and ultimately chart a logical course of action. Throughout my career as a Brand Strategist I drew heavily on this analytical and deductive style of thinking.  But is this enough?

When I look at the droves of university and other tertiary graduates exiting schools each year I wonder whether thinking as we know it has become a commodity. Here in Singapore 70% of 25-40 year olds are graduates of some sort and while some may think better than others there is no scarcity of the ability to reason.

What is in short supply are smart logic based individuals who know how to imagine solutions to problems not just analyse problems and deduce solutions. I do hope business schools shift their programmes to create higher value graduates who can apply both creativity and logic to business problems.