Another 5 Words to Provoke Ideas (Part 2)

Last year I proposed 10 simple words to add to your brand or product idea lexicon.

The first 5 words were:
1. Mentoring
2. Good
3. Anarchy
4. Negative
5. Remove

Here are 6 through 10.

Imagine your category in 10, 20 or 50 years from now. What forces will shape your Category in the future? Now how might your brand offering evolve today?

7. ADD
How might we CHANGE a product or service by ADDING something? What happens when we add online reviews to hotel services? We get Tripadvisor.

Random inspiration can take many forms, the key is that it is completely random. Some random inpsiration excursions may include a walk down a supermarket aisle, pick 3 Random products and try and form a link with YOUR PRODUCT.

So for example force Green Tea with your laundry detergent brand. You may generate ideas involving hot water, “stewing” the clothes or a green tea ingredient which deodorises.

Step 1: Select a theme or trend which is emerging in your consumers life or category.
Step 2: Now imagine the trend takes hold and dominates
Step 3: Consider the implications, now turn each into an idea.

Imagine your consumer is concerned with global warming or doing good. Imagine transforming your brand proposition into one which takes on one of these issues.

An Alternative way to Express an Issue or the problem your category solves.
Instead of expressing loyalty as ‘repeat purchase, greater share of second time buyers, etc’. What if we re-expressed ‘loyalty’ as ‘marriage, allegiance, devotion, implicit trust’?

If you are looking for a simple way to remember these 10 words, try the following mnemonic –
FARMR GRANT (without the E in Farmer).