2010 Will be the Year of Innovation for Malaysia

The Malaysian Government has earmarked 2010 to be the Year of Innovation and has launched its Malaysia Innovative 2010 campaign. The campaign which officially launches on 27 January 2010 will celebrate and encourage innovation among Malaysians and serve as an education platform for people to hone their innovation and creativity skills.

The governement recognises that an ecosystem needs to exist for innovation to flourish, and that proper support and education is an important component. “Education, incentives, research and development, as well as proper funding channels, need to be put in place in the process of culturalising innovation,” he said at a press conference after launching the official logo of the MI2010 campaign. 

“We need to innovate and remain competitive. At a macro-level, our economy is trapped in the middle-income bracket. We need to move up the value chain and innovation can help us do that,” according to Minister Datuk Dr Maximus Ongkili in an interview with In.Tech after the event.

MI2010, he said, is one of the ways to encourage more Malaysians to be innovative and his ministry hopes to use the campaign to get everyone involved, not just those in the science and technology industry.

“We want to demolish the belief that innovation can only exist within science and technology,” he said, adding that the activities arranged under MI2010 will be relevant to the entire strata of Malaysian society.