3 Degrees of Crowdsourced Marketing Ideas

Being in the ideas biz myself I am always pleased to see how people find new business models for selling ideas.  Over the past months I have come across 3 Degrees of Crowdsourced Marketing Ideas.


The new service by Ideas Culture called Ideas While You Sleep is very intriguing.  A client sends them a challenge by 4 pm client’s time and a group of brainstormers all over the world will work on the challenge using Ideas Culture’s creativity tools (very smart) and by 8am the next morning the client will have a mountain of ideas.This all for a promotional price of AUD495 (UP AUD880).

You gotta love this idea. It’s a bit of a WHY NOT for business, outsource your problem for a few hundred dollars and who knows you may land a cracker of an idea! So I really digg this BUT… I can’t help but think this could be bigger and better.

I have to ask, what is Ideas Culture’s objective? To get rich? To be famous? Or to make the world a more creative place?

I checked out the IWYS (Ideas While You Sleep) service and contemplated becoming an Ideas Agent at AUD25 a pop. Then I thought about it a bit more. There are enough crazies such as myself who would do this stuff for free.

Why did IWYS not go for this not quite open crowdsourced model option?

It makes me think of the true blue crowdsourcing model of CONCEPT FEEDBACK  where both concept posters and concept reviewers receive no cash just fame (and reputation points) through their amazing work or feedback.


The conceptfeedback model is a completely open model mostly based on feedback rather than people solving problems with ideas.  How it works is, you load up your product name, logo, web page or ad for reviewers to evaluate and then anyone can review using the Conceptfeedback template.

With reviewers rushing to post feedback in their race to earn points, you can be assured significant feedback within about 6 hours (beating the while you sleep promise of IWYS). Its up to the owner of the idea to then decide which feedback to take to heart and which to ignore.

The real challenge for IWYS is when someone takes their idea and makes is fully crowdsourced and free to challenge owners. Time will tell.

Although it appears Conceptfeedback might be moving into a paid-for-feedback model. “Premium Concepts” are highlighted on the site and reviewers are encourage to review them with a view to possibly being remunerated for the reviews.


I recently came across another type of Crowdsourced Marketing ideas, Freshly Branded. Which appears to be somewhere between Ideas While You Sleep (big price tag) and Concept Feedback (free).

Like Conceptfeedback anyone can post a request for ideas (or feedback in CF case) and anyone can respond. The difference being that the person seeking ideas will pay a stated sum for the best ideas.

Freshly Branded offers this service to idea-seekers at USD99 versus the IWYS service at at AUS495 (some 3 times more).

Freshly branded is the youngest of the 3 offerings and so too early to call it a success, however the model structure seems to have incorporated the best of crowdsourcing.


5 responses to “3 Degrees of Crowdsourced Marketing Ideas

  1. Hi Angela! Thanks so much for writing about Ideas Culture. Ideas While You Sleep was an idea I had during my own brainstorm where I wanted to find an online alternative for my workshops….

    We trialled the ‘give your ideas for free’ version of our service and found the ideas were not as sophisticated or useful to the client. Plus we could not rely on the volunteers to get their ideas to us on time.

    Occasionally, we still open our challenges up to ‘the crowd’ without payment… you can see an example here:

    The main difference with our service now is that each Ideas Agent is trained by video in our specific brainstorming techniques, which are then used to complete the challenges and get the 100+ ideas to the client. Overnight.

    We are launching a suite of new version of Ideas While You Sleep next month along with a much more streamlined version of using it – both as a client and an Ideas agent..

    stay tuned! Yvonne

  2. I like that IWYS uses their own crowd of “Ideas Agents” who follow a semi-structured process, work to a deadline and the client gets 100 ideas.

    Casting a net for freely-offered ideas from a random crowd of unknown volunteers sounds great but… you could do that yourself at any pub!

    Bottom-line: you get what you pay for!

    [I declare that I am an occasional Ideas Agent and being an engineer, I am biased towards creativity-with-some-structure as opposed to the looser shotgun approach]

    Cheers, Robert

  3. Nice post, thanks Angela; I was happy to learn about these great sites and how they all differ in their approach to crowdsourcing.

    As a professional innovator you might be also interested to know about our business model:

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    Hundreds of well-credentialed consultants and accomplished innovators from around the world and across all required expertise categories simultaneously collaborate with each other and contribute their best ideas, advice and solutions – thanks to our payment system that equally rewards all valuable input given.

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