Most Innovative Countries List

A new report by the IMF, OECD and the UN has ranked countries according to a new Innovation Capacity Index (ICI). The innovation competitiveness ranking evaluates countries on a broad set of relevant factors, policies, and institutional characteristics which play a central role in boosting a nation’s capacity for innovation.

The top 20 countries are:

1.  Sweden      82.2

2.  Finland     77.8

3.  United States   77.5

4.  Switzerland   77.0

5.  Netherlands    76.6

6.  Singapore   76.5

7.  Canada    74.8

8.  United Kingdom   74.6

9.  Norway    73.5

10.  New Zealand   73.4

11.  Luxembourg    73.3

11.  Denmark   73.3

13.  Taiwan    72.9

14.  Iceland    72.6

15.  Japan    72.1

16.  Hong Kong    71.3

17.  Australia   71.2

18.  Ireland    70.5

19.  Korea    70.0

20.  Germany   68.8

When looking specifically at Asia, the rankings are as follows, with global ranking in brackets.

1. Singapore (6)

2. Taiwan (13)

3. Japan (15)

4. Hong Kong (16)

5. Korea (19)

6. Malaysia (34)

7. Thailand (43)

8. China (65)

9. Philippines (75)

10. Vietnam (78)

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  1. It is very usefull for me downloding some of document from your blog. I hope there many interesting article that can be downloded from your blog. Thank you.

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  3. What factors has been considered to come up with such a list?. Are you telling me that Ireland is more innovative than Germany?… and if so , how come Germany is the biggest export led economy in EU if not in the world and Ireland is the weakest in EU.

    • Hi,
      The measure is “innovative capacity” could also be interpreted as innovation potential, not a measure of actual innovation outputs. I live in Singapore, it is placed no.1 on the capacity index in Asia, ahead of Japan, without a doubt Japan produces more innovation, however you measure it.
      Also I dont believe export is a measure of innovation, then China would be the most innovative country in Asia if not the world, and it certainly is not!
      Thanks for your commentary!

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  6. Quite interesting. It doesn’t come as a surprise that INDIA does not feature anywhere in the list. However, if INDIANS have to become the economic powerhouse that they are being projected to be, then INNOVATION is going to be the way forward for them.. entities like Vigyan Ashram (where MIT set up their first Fab-Lab outside of USA) and young companies like UNIKEN will be instrumental in paving the way for the innovators & entrepreneurs of India to assume leadership in the global arena.

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