Innovation Workshops in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok


The next workshop on Product and Marketing Innovation is scheduled for 24 & 25 May in Kuala Lumpur.


I will be facilitating a 2 day Product and Marketing Innovation Workshop on behalf of IBN International in Malaysia on 24-25 May 2o1o in KL  (view brochure or download from slideshare) at the Grand Millenium Hotel.

All workshop attendees will receive a 30+ page Innovation Workbook.


Dates are being finalised – June/ July 2010.

Write to me ( if you want to be notified of forthcoming workshop locations and dates.

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  1. Innovation is the result of being observant, highly attuned to the needs of your customers and working out a solution to fill those needs. Contrary to popular belief, I believe innovation does not have to be a new invention. In fact, many great innovations are the fruits of marriages between multiple existing inventions.

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