Innovation is about borrowing brilliantly

According to David Kord Murray author of Borrowing Brilliantly all creative ideas are copied, his reasoning being that the materials used to construct an idea are other ideas. “You can’t make something out of nothing and so when it comes to new ideas you have to make them out of existing ones”.  This is not to say imagining new ideas is easy, David Kord Murray points out that the application of creativity can be quite complex.

We need to still ask:

What materials do I borrow?

Where do I find them?

How do I combine them?

How do I arrange them?

New Product development or the development of brand programes is no different. We must first appreciate the brilliance in another brand’s idea and then borrow brilliantly. I always encourage marketers to keep an inspiration wall, this is a visual collection of ideas you wish you had been part of. These ideas can become important fodder when looking for new ideas for your brand, products or marketing program.

At INVITRO we have a set of Copy-cat cards which help brands imagine, “what if we replicated the ideas of others, where might it lead us?

See if any of these Trigger Cards spark a thought for your brand: