Innovation is Serious Play

Author Michael Schrage termed the way innovators create as “Serious Play”. In Serious Play he writes, “When talented innovators innovate, you don’t listen to the specs they quote. You look at the models they’ve created.” Serious Play being the way in which innovators build models and prototypes to represent their ideas. This act of creation is simply adult play.
 There is another side to the “Serious Play” dimension and that is the process of Ideation. The process of imagining solutions cannot occur in a vacuum. We need provocations and stimulus to pair with the problem. One way in which Invitro has incorporated this understanding of human creativity is to create a set of Trigger Cards which help ideators unlock territories of ideas. These cards can help to turn the assumptions of the category on its head or help find incremental product improvements never considered before.

Cards are usually used in group ideation settings where a small sub-group of around 4 to 5 people get their heads around a card, cards can even be used for individual ideation.
Take a look at a few sample cards from the Invitro Trigger Pack: