Great example of Price Innovation reported this innovation from a Bar in NYC. Their prices fluctuate like the Stock Market.

 A bar in New York City is planning to price its menu items as though they were stocks. The Exchange Bar and Grill, (opening on April 1st… have we been duped?), will have the prices of its drinks and food fluctuate like the stock market, based on people placing orders on certain drinks. 

April Fool’s Joke or not, I love the idea. It involves the customer a whole lot more in the drink buying process and adds a little excitement to what could be a dull evening.

This was reported by but originally appeared in  NY Post: “Well-’stocked’ tavern”.


4 responses to “Great example of Price Innovation

  1. Heard about this back in 2003 – apparently there was a bar in Germany that had done this, and my friend wanted to do something similar in Singapore. He never got around to doing it though!

    • Without a doubt a recording nightmare! But then sometimes innovation is not easy. I love the John Hunt quote – “ideas don’t travel well through bureaucracy”. This idea can only happen in a start up business or when there is one decision maker.

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