Innovation Facilitation requires detective skills!

When I work with clients particularly for the first time I often find my role is my that of psychologist or counsellor rather than of Innovation Facilitator.

Before you can go about solving or imagining solutions its important to get under the skin of what’s wrong. I love this Russel L Ackoff quote on successful strategy:
“Successful [strategy] requires finding the right solution to the right problem. We fail more often because we solve the wrong problem than because we get the wrong solution to the right problem.”

The best clue towards discovering what the brand or business problem is is to ask a simple question of the brand marketing team. WHAT DO YOU WANT?

It’s not always apparent to marketers what needs fixing, at Invitro we have a set of 50 cards with common WANTS stated on the cards. WANTS range from broad strategic WANTS to the more tactical. Whatever the WANT, the Invitro cards help marketers get to grips with their true priorities.

Rather than simply selecting a few WANT cards to reflect wants we ask each person in the team to take part in a card game where WANT cards are dealt and then traded for other WANT cards. The game provokes marketers to think more deeply about what they truly want to solve. Here’s a selection from the INVITRO WANT card deck.

-An important next step once the key wants have been identified is to ask WHY they believe they need this want.

Why do you want a brand reinvention? What makes you think your brand needs a reinvention?
Why do you want a more human brand? What makes you think your brand needs to be more human?

And so we move closer to understanding the brand’s true problem?

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