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Many companies today have fewer competitive options, with the only path to generate greater revenues and profits is to GROW. One of the few sources of organic growth left to many firms is through innovation. But having a quality pipeline of viable ideas for execution does not come naturally to companies. Even here in Singapore, many companies do not have processes to take innovations from business problem to idea execution.

The nature of business means that is usually favours more left brain type thinking, however the kind of problem solving and creative thought that innovation demands is more right brained. This and the fact that routine or pressured work also undermines creative thought means that Innovation Ideation needs to be ring-fenced from the day to day of office work.

Some have resorted to a kind of “intervention”, where a diverse group of company talents and stakeholders gather to put their heads together to generate a stream of new ideas to fuel growth. One approach that can deliver results is an intensive innovation camp.

An Innovation Camp is a 2 to 3 day Ideation Event which combines Consumer Inspiration and Provocative Creative Techniques to fire up the Imagination to discover new brand and product possibilities.

Being invited by your company to participate in a 3 day Innovationfest can be quite the learning experience. Participants are exposed to new ways of thinking about problems, and are empowered with fun ideation techniques to liberate their brains. So prized is attendance at an Innovation Camp that it was recently reported that a company asked its staff to “apply” to attend its annual Innovation Camp. In the end hundreds of employees applied for just 75 slots, with participants being selected on the basis of their creativity, originality, and diversity.

So what exactly happens at an Innovation Camp? While there is no set formula, a typical 3 Day agenda might include:

Why are so many companies such as IBM and P&G opting for Innovation Camps as a key component to their Innovation processes? Besides being the most efficient way to generate hundreds of viable ideas in such a short time period, there is another important benefit, the lasting effect such an event has on the men and women who participate in such an event. At minimum, they bond with their co-workers and walk away having learned some problem solving and creativity techniques.  But perhaps more valuable, is that they walk away energized and empowered, and encouraged to become Innovation Evangelists within their own teams!

Take a look at some of the people, tools and outputs of Innovation Camp’s facilitated by Invitro across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

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