Invitro is ONE!

 Its been 2 years exactly since I traded in the glamourous advertising executive lifestyle and the predictable pay check for entrepreneurship! My first year of solodom was essentially a year of incubation, while I was lucky enough to work on some great projects for Leo Burnett, M&C Saacthi, The Marketing Store and ZUJI, this was really the year of hatching the idea for INVITRO.

You could call it a very long gestation period.

It was only one year ago today that I got around to registering INVITRO INNOVATION as a business in Singapore and actively marketed our ideation and workshop facilitation services. In recognising and celebrating this important business milestone there are some important “business angels” and confidants who have guided, nudged and energised me along in this journey.

Appreciation goes to Shirley@DDB, Lara@mcsaatchi, Fred@Dentsu, Carolyn@carriek, James@jameskennethkoh, Melissa@zuji, Kim@silvergroup, Ray@APB, Silas@cerebos, Juliana@cerebos, Jill@cerebos, Katy@cerebos, Melissa@cerebos, Sophie@Firestarrresearch,  Manisha@consumerfaces, Julianna@consumerfaces, Raymond@saffronhill, Nichola@MillwardBrown, Meyrick@anticstudios, Prakash@yolk, Geri@lineacomms, Ailing@wild, Sam@IBN, Abigail@AMA, Jeffrey@MIS, Paul@brightidea and Mard@lasalle. Many of you may not even be aware of the powerful positive impact you have had on INVITRO’S development. I also need to thank,, google adwords,, who have given me a platform to share the thinking and work of INVITRO on a global stage.

We are so thrilled at turning 1, the following  half day course is offered in Singapore, at your office at no cost until further notice.

Creativity as a Business Tool


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  1. enjoyed this very much, angela. congrats on the first year. wish you great success. cheers.

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