Building a Climate for Innovation

Over the past 2 days I had the pleasure of facilitating a session on “Leading Innovation”.

Course materials were prepared by the AMA with FutureThink.

Key points:
Think of innovation capability as having four wheels which drive you towards your future.
Wheel 1: strategy
Wheel 2: ideas
Wheel 3: process
Wheel 4: climate or culture

If any of the wheels are broken, the whole innovation effort simply limps along.

We were particularly focussed on climate which of the 4 wheels is the most challenging as it is fraught with the very the very human issues of CHANGE.

How to create an innovation friendly climate?
1. Get leaders to walk the innovation walk
2. Experiment more to build innovation practice and confidence
3. Share more, and share ideas early in their rough form
4. Fuel thinking with inspiration
5. Energise people with the right rewards and recognition.

Am grateful to the smart people from ITE and Singapore Customs for their participation and sharing.