My New Book: Inciting Ideas

Over the past year I have captured Invitro’s Human Approach to Ideas and Innovation in this self-published book called INCITING IDEAS: A Handbook for Marketing Innovation.

You can read (free) and purchase a hardcopy of the book through Bookemon  at USD 15.95 plus shipping.

Or Get a free PDF download of the Book if you Tweet about it:

Just mention @invitrotweets #Inciting Ideas:Handbook for Marketing Innovation by #Angela Koch 4 download w PayWithATweet , and I will grant your download access through slideshare.



One response to “My New Book: Inciting Ideas

  1. Hi Angela,
    I’d like to buy your new book. I checked the Bookemon option, but they charge $50,99 for shipping outside USA!!! What are the other options?

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