Head, Heart, Hand: The Activation Trinity

Our Left Brain approach to business makes us predisposed to solving problems by rational means. So when we face a problem like “How do we get people to drink more water?” we instinctively reach for a HEAD or Logical Approach. The solution will often be in the zone of telling people how beneficial water is for their health or beauty and hoping that the “rational brain” will respond accordingly. While the HEAD approach is not wrong, it is not a very economical way to get the message across, to change minds and to create action.

Perhaps the best example of where the rational conventional wisdom has failed is in the Milk category. Back in 1993 the California Milk Processor Board realised that their HEAD centred campaign “Milk does a Body Good” was not stemming the decline in milk consumption. They realised that they needed to reconnect people to milk using HEART and HAND. The now famous “Got Milk” campaign focused on creating the feeling of deprivation when milk runs out, thus prompting a buying impluse (HAND). They also delivered this new message with attitude, in a way Milk had never been communicated before, thus creating HEART.

When you dont have a lot of time to convince people to change their behaviour its best to start with HAND or an action as VW Fun Theory believes. Fun Theory believes that if you want to change behaviour make it fun, the latest Fun Theory project is aims to get people to obey the speed limit with their “Speed Camera Lottery”!

So the next time you want to change behaviour, ask yourself, what Action or Emotion (HAND and HEART) rather than the usual Information (HEAD) will change minds.

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