Breathing Life into Brand Beliefs

To start with for a brand to have any significance in our lives it needs to have a reason to exist. It needs an audacious goal to move the world in someway. It can be something simple like Whisper’s “Making Periods More Positive”  or something a bit more ambitious like Disney’s “Making Dreams Come True.

Whatever the scale of your Brand’s Vision for its world, for it to become real and not just some words in an annual report or branding document, the Brand Vision must be transformed into a set of beliefs (and then actions) that breathe Life into the Vision.

Transforming your brand vision into a set of belief statements can constitute 1) Philosophy on the state of the world or your category and 2) Your methods of operating which deliver to your beliefs. 

Belief statements can be both highly conceptual and pragmatic.  The true value of Beliefs is that they allow you to look at the brand through the eyes of the smallest division or department that must deliver the Brand Vision. Brands rarely fail at the conceptual or C-level of the organisation, they fail because employees don’t know how the brand fits within their day to day execution of duties.

So important are Brand Beliefs in the rebranding arsenal, that I encourage all my brand projects to manifest a Beliefs Book. With the final output being a book written and made by the people who will live the beliefs in an everyday way.

Here is my very own Invitro Beliefs Book.

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Also take a look at the beliefs work of Frost Bank in Texas:

Frost Brand Beliefs