Vivid Thinking for New Ideas

Albert Einstein nailed it when he said “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them”.

When companies attempt to solve pressing business, marketing or branding problems, they often get stuck because they are unable to generate sufficient fresh thinking to give momentum to forward movement. Problem Solving requires that we see the problem with a new clarity, this is necessary to drive commitment to solution finding and commitment to a course of action.

At Invitro Innovation, rather than provide ready baked solutions to clients we work with internal stakeholders to create a ‘transformation’ from within. This usually involves a collaborative workshop process which uses Visual Problem Solving using pictures and illustrations to drive a hyper-clarity on the problem. This hyper-clarity and the resultant solutions we call Vivid Thinking, this is perhaps the new kind of thinking Einstein refers to but never defines.

To get workshop participants into a more Vivid frame of mind, we use pictures and illustrations over text based communications. Here is an example of a typical problem solving workshop agenda (Workshop Design by Angela Koch, Illustrations by Samantha Yee).

Throughout the Workshop participants are presented with provoking questions and visual modalities which demand that they think differently about their situation. One such exercise asked that participants develop a fantasy cover design for a Time Magazine issue from 2016.

During the workshop process a Graphic Recorder captures the essence of discussion and debates in illustration format. From time to time during the workshop, these illustrations are reviewed, this further serves to fuel collective Vivid Thinking. These are samples of visual outputs illustrated by Samantha Yee of Concentrated Design.

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