Reinvention Workshops

Invitro is an Ideas & Innovation Intervention for companies and brands.

We adopt a Human Approach to deliver Ideas With Impact through 2 key service interventions:


Re-Imagined Future Workshop: A 2 day facilitated workshop to help companies envision a 10 year plan for their total business, a category or key function. We focus on the future and the Big company obstacle standing in the way of success. We imagine a vision for the business or category and then create bulding blocks to the future.

Brand Innovation Workshop : A 2 day facilitated workshop taking a multi-funtional team of brand stakeholders from problem identification to the opening up of new brand space possibilities.

Product & Marketing Innovation Workshop : A 2 to 3 day facilitated ideation session of multi-functional category stakeholders. Key inputs include the gathering of consumer inspiration fuel with several rounds of idea generation using the Invitro Triggers and the development of new product or marketing concepts.