Business Futuring

Thinking about the next 10 years for your business or category can be complex stuff. So many forces in the broader environment could make life easier or miserable for your business. Rather than let the future happen to you, here is an opportunity to CREATE your future.

At Invitro we have designed a simple process which starts with some basic FOUNDATION work which ask that you look towards the future through 4 lenses. These lenses are The Company / Brand,   The Category, The Future and People. Distilling the future opportunities and issues with the lenses helps to create clarity in sensing which direction to head in moving towards the future.

We bring this all together in a 2 Day Re-Imagine Workshop. Our objective is to “sense the future” in a clear and visionary manner for the business so that we may formulate an AUDACIOUS GOAL for the business. Key to the process is the use of IDEATION techniques to open our minds to possibilities. At the end of the 2 days we hope to have at least 2 strong ideas for the future with a building blocks for how we will achieve our Audacious Goal. Participants should leave the session with a clear ROADMAP on how to get to the Audacious Goal in 2020.

Often we fill follow up this session with a 1 day planning session where a plan is designed for delivering the first milestone in the achievement of the vision.

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