Queen of Questions

“The important and difficult job is never to find the right answers, it is to find the right question.” Peter Drucker.

From young we learn the value of the right Answer. Questions are the domain of authority, they are posed by parents, educators and later on bosses. We spend a large part of early life learning the Answers to Questions, preparing ourselves for the highest level of Questions and Answers: Examinations. The average new recruit has had to pass more than 500 significant tests to get into their chosen career. This pre-ocuppation with Test and Answers creates an Answer Culture which we carry with us into life. We fear the unanswerable Question. It’s only by asking many though-provoking question about a presenting problem that we are able to formulate the final and Queen of Innovation Questions, the HOW MIGHT WE question.A HMW question when crafted well holds two things:
An understanding of the underlying problem AND it opens the door to where the answer might lie (provides direction).
A good HMW statement should enliven your brain and start ideas flowing. A weak HMW statement, feels heavy and leaves you in problem territory with no doors to the solution.

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