Invitro Innovation is open to hearing from individuals and organizations across Asia-Pacific with proposals for mutually beneficial partnerships.

Join Us as an Innovation Co-facilitator:
Much of our work involves working with groups in Workshop settings, and as our work expands we are looking for Innovation Associates who are able to join our Ideation workshops as Co-Facilitators from time to time .

We are looking for a diverse group of people who are passionate about ideas and have different levels of experience in Innovation and Ideation. The ideal candidate probably has full-time work but has flexibility to join a workshop for a day or 2 and be remunerated for that work.

If you are keen to join or find out more, do fill in your details below and we will be in touch for a face-to-face conversation early in 2013.


We are very interested in collaborations for our New Product Ideation services with:

– Packaging Companies

– Fragrance and Flavour Houses

– Research Houses

– Design houses

We are keen to partner with entities for our Innovation Day / Seminar services:

– Human Resource Consultancies

– Event Management Companies

We are very interested in collaborations for our Brand Innovation services with:

– Communication Agencies

– Design Agencies

– Public Relations Consultancies

Please write to Angela dot Koch at invitro dot com dot sg

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